A coffee shop & Belle Isle engagement sessionANDREW & AMANDADetroit, Michigan

You know that feeling where the world suddenly seems a little smaller? Where amidst a sea of traffic and hustle & bustle you sit in a light-filled coffee shop, chat with a lovely person over mugs of hot tea, and discover you have so many weird little things in common that your meeting has to be fate?

Amanda and I bonded over our love for lavender lattes (okay, pretty much all things lavender), how much we both adore a certain charming little downtown for its historic movie theater that’s never too crowded, and discovered that Andrew works where my husband used to!

I’m pretty smitten with these two. Completely in love (you can tell by the way Amanda lights up when talking about Andrew & how his smile seems to grow relative to how near she is), they wanted to have their engagement session in a place that speaks to who they are: their beloved Detroit; Belle Isle, and Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, a gem of a place they frequent for dates. I’m beyond excited (as in I basically cannot wait!) for their wedding next March! It’s going to be gorgeous, friends. But in the meantime, sit back, scroll down, & enjoy a peek into their Detroit engagement shoot <3