It was somewhere between sipping coffee in Paris cafés and wading into the clear waters of the Red Sea that I learned: the littlest of moments aren’t so little at all. A smile from an old soul, falling cherry blossom petals, the bliss you feel when slipping into that dress – they’re pieces of life to be savored. Photography keeps them alive in a way that’s simply too good not to share.

When I attended Michigan State University (a place still dear to my heart), most of that time was spent wandering secret gardens, camera slung over my shoulder. Despite the BA in advertising I pursued, I ventured over the Atlantic again to study photojournalism abroad in Europe. I began to know this was my calling. And on graduation day, I sat next to the man I had no idea I’d marry.

My husband Matt and I started as friends; the kind of friends who stay out talking for hours into the night on the coffee shop patio. Today, we live just west of Detroit in a cozy apartment overlooking water and weeping willows, and I’m even more in love with him than when we said our vows a little over a year ago. You can probably find me on the couch introverting with a cup of tea, tending to my many plants, or catching up with one of my brides over lavender lattes.

With over a decade of experience, I bring unmatched attention to detail to your wedding day. Treating each photograph as a work of art, I’ll style beautiful frames of your jewelry and paper goods, direct you when necessary, and catch the real, fleeting moments that often go unnoticed. On top of that, I truly cherish the friendships I have with my brides. I believe in sitting down together to create your custom timeline, and swooning while you show me your dress and floral inspiration. I believe in laughing with you over coffee long after this precious day in your life has come and gone.

My greatest endeavor is to savor, and inspire you to do the same.