I see you, bride-to-be.

      You’ve got that vision and you know what you want, but as I felt in the search for our own wedding photographer, finding it amid all the noise out there can be tough!

      I’m so glad you’ve found your way to this quieter place, because it means we already click. And working with kindred spirits like you is one of many things I love most about what I do.

      Photography has been my second language for over a decade. Somewhere between sipping coffee in Paris cafés and wading into the clear waters of the Red Sea, I realized: the littlest moments aren’t so little at all. A smile from an old soul, wind through your hair, the bliss you feel when slipping into that dress…

      no moment is ordinary.


      I live just west of Detroit in a cozy apartment overlooking water and weeping willows with my sweet husband Matt, which is where you can probably find me relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea when I’m not working. Or perhaps reading on the balcony surrounded by plants, or catching up with one of my past brides over lavender lattes. 

      Through studying photojournalism in Europe (and various things like art history and watercolors when I was supposed to be studying advertising), I developed a serious knack for observing and artfully keeping moments alive. Rather than perfection (which doesn’t exist anyway), I believe in photos with feeling, with soul.

      I believe in sitting down with you to put together your custom timeline, swooning over your dress and floral inspiration on your phone, and laughing with you over coffee long after this precious day in your life has come and gone.




      let's schedule a coffee date!