There’s something sacred about it.

      Water rushes below the steep wood as we breathe fresh pine, marveling at the sight. And then I realize: it’s the moss. It thrives freely along with lichens, haphazardly covering tall age-old rocks and fallen trees in luminous green. Reminiscent of the passage of time and the glaciers that carved this oasis from the Earth millennia ago, it teems with the stories of a sanctuary untouched.

      Cam and Lindsay found this haven on one of their hikes up north, and wanted a little getaway in the weeks just before their wedding. (pretty genius, am I right?!) We had a local farmer-florist create a wild bouquet bursting with foraged Michigan beauty: hellebores, peony, blueberry, forget-me-not. It was essentially a dream.

      The truth is, these are so much more than “shoots” or “sessions.” They are life. You owe it to yourself to get away, to breathe the fresh air, and laugh with your love amidst the wild and beautiful creation at your fingertips. And I’ll never tire of exploring it with you, of hiking mountains, walking beaches, or wading through streams and feeling chilly water through rain boots to show you this: your love and your life are incredible, and worthy of being painted in light. A pretty great reminder to have hanging on your wall, if you ask me <3  scroll down & enjoy!


      A special thanks to my sweet husband for driving me up (and I mean UP) north, carrying my equipment safely over some crazy terrain, making sure I didn’t fall in the river, and making this whole wonderful thing possible. <3


      Thank you so much ladies! <3


      Love it! Love the light, the moodiness, and the unique shots. Well done!

      These are amazing! You are such a wonderful photographer! It must have been so fun shooting this session! <3

      Kimberly Rhoades

      The romance in this is unreal! Beautiful job!