I’m about capturing you and your love with an artful ease, creating dreamlike images that never go out of style.

      My approach has been described as quiet and intentional. Natural.

      Photography has been my favorite language for over a decade, picked up somewhere between sipping coffee in Paris cafés and wading into the clear waters of the Red Sea. Studying it in Europe gave me a keen eye for detail and a love for diving deep, creating from a place of genuine connection. What a journey, what a blessing it’s all been!

      I love calling Michigan home. I live in a cozy apartment just west of Detroit, and take in its historic beauty often. I’m just as much about travel & spontaneous trips to new places as nights on the couch, candles lit and a mug of mint tea, or catching up with a close friend over good coffee. Sharing our hearts.


      I believe in slowing down, delighting in the quiet things, and that when tangible photos grace the walls of our homes, they have the power remind us of the beauty in our lives.

      “THERE’S JUST THIS MAGIC about the way Christina sees & styles things.

      I’m so glad I didn’t go with the other photographers.”


      -Mariana D. | Detroit, Michigan



      I can't wait to meet you!