Brand session | The Artist Website Academy

As a copywriter, clarity is Mariana’s thing. Words are her language. We sat chatting over coffee because she’s about to launch her new course The Artist Website Academy, and although she’d invested in art direction, sourced intentional props, and tried to take a stab at a new language (imagery) herself, she was finding she couldn’t quite convey what she wanted to. She needed a native speaker.

In tune with the artist’s mind and aware of the overwhelm that tends to come with courses, Mariana wanted this to feel different. Calming, clarifying, like an act of self-care. To style and capture images that embodied this, we turned Tribe Detroit into a painter’s studio and focused on keeping tones warm, light even, & negative space a priority.



"From the very first time we spoke, Christina dove deep into the project. She took the time to understand my business, my goals, and my ideal clients. She meticulously styled each shot. She was so professional and friendly and made what could've been a hair-pulling task a complete joy. At the end is a library of on-brand images that transmit my business' message and value. My brand now looks completely in alignment with the level of my services. I can't wait to work with Christina again!"