Brand Session | Emily Cooper Art

Magic happens when you invest in your business, in yourself. With Emily, a watercolor painter, that magic was palpable. As we began planning her Salt Lake City brand shoot over FaceTime during quarantine, she realized her why. “An hour in and we’ve cracked the code!” she laughed. For her, creativity is a path to freedom. Can you see it in her work?

Emily’s vision is fueled by variety: in color (she even makes pigments!), in where she finds inspiration. We wanted her imagery to embody that. To bottle the essence of her purpose and shine on multiple platforms with room to grow. It was such a privilege to work with Emily, to witness her work, and let its messages soak in: Order isn’t always needed. Notice the wildness of nature. There’s beauty in letting go of control.


"There are so many incredible things I could say about Christina and the beautiful gift she gave me...she was incredibly thoughtful in the planning process and helped guide me into knowing exactly what I wanted my brand to look like. She made me feel confident in each image, and when I got them back I was absolutely astonished and speechless by the way I was presented. I feel as though I'm a whole new person/business because of what I've learned and how I'm presented through Christina's photography...I am so grateful!"