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      With her heart for the sea and penchant for exploring, it was only fitting that she would happen across a lost city. She walked its dusty paths looking quietly into its baths, its homes, its temples. Ancient but intact, save for the things that lay dusty and askew on the ground, and quiet. Quiet enough to hear whispers of the city’s past, to imagine the hymns the weathered walls of its largest temple had heard. Nature, wind, and time had been the only visitors since it was left.

      She kept it a secret. A place of retreat for herself alone until now – the day she’ll marry her love. Delighted to have their closest few together there, she gathers elements to host an intimate celebration: a found candelabra, wild, grape-laden florals, a cake that could be carved from stone. Each an echo of the city’s ancient past, marking the beginning of their future.

      She always thought time was an odd thing.



      “It rained in Rome. It was sunny, but it rained. It seemed fresh, like a city brand new, and the ruins glimmered in the shimmering sun. And as I looked, I suddenly remembered that nothing lasts forever. Not clouds. Not kingdoms.

      Not rainstorms.”


      Christina Harrison is a Michigan-based photographer crafting timeless wedding and brand imagery in the mitten and beyond. Her work has been featured in some of the world’s top wedding publications, but more importantly, in the homes & lives of her delighted clients.

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