There’s something about being surrounded by green.

      Being enveloped by tall overarching trees in darkened woods, feeling cool soft rain on your skin in a vast, open meadow teeming with the lilt of birdsong. Inevitably, you leave feeling refreshed ~ and spending time around Cam & Lindsay evokes that same sensation. It was only fitting that they wed here, on her family’s land in an early West Michigan summer. Their fingerprint was evident throughout: the glowing sign Cam proposed with hung on the barn built by Lindsay’s grandfather. Her adventurous, free-spirited nature flowed forth like the unconventional blooms in her wild pageant bouquet, and their loved ones (who were, not surprisingly, as kind as can be) remarked over and over of the laid-back nature of the day, of the breath of fresh air it all was.

      When this long-awaited day rolled around and as I drove down familiar roads sipping morning iced coffee, I felt like I was headed to photograph the wedding of one of my closest friends. Because, well, I was. (Our shared love for wild florals is just one of many reasons Linds & I get along so well ;)) This girl is a true gem and I wish we didn’t live on opposite sides of Michigan… but I digress. There’s a lot to love about these two, but one of the best things is this: they live in the moment. And it doesn’t stop when they’re in front of the camera. They forget the world, enjoy each other, and treat it like a fun date. Traditional posing feels stiff and lifeless, but this ~ this is such gold, you guys. So go ahead & scroll down, and enjoy a glimpse into the dreamiest of weddings <3


      Dress: Grace Loves Lace

      Groom’s attire: H&M

      Florals, flower crown: Fond of Florals

      Ceremony arbor, benches, signs: Custom made by groom

      Cake: Cakes by Beth

      Venue: Eustice family property