Peaches, cherries, and remnants of a vegan charcuterie spread rest on a picnic blanket after a Detroit couple's at home photos



With Katie being a close friend & fellow photographer, it couldn’t have been more of an honor when she asked for a session to celebrate the last summer she & her husband Morgan would spend in their Rochester, Michigan home. A walk around the neighborhood with their pug Rosie, a vegan charcuterie picnic in the front yard, and dancing in the living room made for photos that represent a kind of savoring: of the last days of summer, of this season of their lives before Morgan’s medical career takes them on a new adventure. Of seasonal fruit. Of a simple day at home, together.




"I don't usually like pictures of myself, but these are my favorite photos anyone has ever captured of us."

"I love these with every fiber of my soul."


A photo of a woman with long blonde wavy hair holding a camera and wearing all black, Michigan film wedding photographer Christina Harrison