With Katie being a close friend & fellow photographer, it couldn’t have been more of an honor when she asked about a session to celebrate the last summer she & her husband Morgan would spend in their sweet little Rochester, Michigan home. A walk around the neighborhood with their pug Rosie, a vegan charcuterie picnic in the front yard, and a little dancing in the living room made for the kind of photos that are often most inspiring, that represent a kind of savoring: of the last days of summer, of this season of their lives before Morgan’s medical career takes them on a new adventure. Of flavorful seasonal fruit. Of a simple day at home, together.

      “The little things? The little moments?

      They aren’t little.”

      -John Zabat-Zinn


      Christina Harrison is a Detroit-based photographer crafting timeless wedding and brand imagery in Michigan and beyond. Her work appears in some of the world’s top wedding publications, but more importantly, in the homes & lives of her delighted clients.

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