An heirloom-quality collection you can delight in over and over. Soulful photos that move you; that you can look at months, years after your wedding day thinking “this was so worth it.”

      I take a limited number of weddings each year to give you the attention you deserve, which means prompt replies to emails & texts and reliable communication through & through. You’re choosing a detail oriented artist who knows when to blend into the background and capture quietly vs. when to step in and adjust or direct. You aren’t heavily posed, your details aren’t lazily clicked. Everything is artfully and thoughtfully captured.

      Expect all of this along with a warm welcome, pretty packages in the mail, and a friend who has your back.

      We're probably a match made in photo heaven if...

      You’re inspired by things like nature, travel, & history

      Walking into Anthropologie is like stepping into a dream. You must have everything

      …but treasure hunting at antique shops = similar problems

      You like your details fresh & atypical. Florals and paper goods matter, but they’re not everything. (You want a marriage even more beautiful than your wedding)

      Hot chocolate & a book on the couch sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon…or Friday night ; )

      You prefer the high quality & handmade over the trendy

      Whether you’re eloping in Ireland or just not inviting 300 people, you do you

      You like the soul of a little film grain, and you don’t care if the wind blows your hair

      If any of these sound like you, we’re probably kindred spirits!

      We owe ourselves a latte, dontcha think?