An Intimate Lake Michigan Wedding | Alyssa & Jon

You’d think it would look smaller, being up so high. Instead it only feels wider, more breathtaking. Something about Lake Michigan seems to rejuvenate the soul; the air that rolls in from across her vast expanse, perhaps. Everything about Alyssa & Jon’s September wedding day has a similar freshness, from Alyssa’s relaxed BHLDN gown to the small guest list & their ring bearer pup. Simply them. They exchange heartfelt vows overlooking the lake, a ceremony full of joy. We head down to the beach for photos where the wind is damp and the water rushing and we have it all to ourselves. While we’re away, Alyssa’s mom prepares a mouthwatering charcuterie spread. Everyone shares a table, celebrating with champagne & berries and it feels genuine, heartwarming. These people are kind; the sort who want to make sure you have your fill of brie & fruit and plenty of San Pellegrino for the road. Everyone simply enjoys together. And it’s this, I’m reminded, that makes a celebration, a day, a life – a memorable one.