These lovebirds are two of the kindest people you’ll meet. Sarah has such a warm & gentle spirit that it was no surprise learning she’s a nurse, and Kevin is a youth pastor who builds motorcycles in his spare time. (Did I mention they’re also just really cool?) They gave me the warmest welcome to west Michigan; we chatted over dinner and drinks, dug into some fro-yo (because what’s a night-before-shoot hangout sesh without ice cream, am I right?) and wandered through downtown Holland…which I now want to move to.

      Morning came and we hiked over dunes & down to Lake Michigan. The sand still cool and damp, the sky blending through a still horizon of vast water glowing with morning light, beachgrass painted with dew. In other words, the early hours of the day are such a gorgeous time to photograph. What better time to celebrate the dawning of a new season in your wild & beautiful life than as the sun rises over a new day?

      It won’t be long now until these two wed on New Year’s Eve, and I absolutely cannot wait to document their day <3 Enjoy a glimpse into their Lake Michigan Engagement photos!