Alora is a fellow photographer, a well-known business & marketing guru in the Detroit area, a wife, a mom, & basically superwoman. So when she reached out about maternity photos with her sweet daughter Ella before the arrival of her fam’s newest babe, something inside me lit up.

      There’s a bit of natural pressure when creating for another photographer, but with Alora there’s mostly just ease. We both gravitate toward simple neutrals, natural moments, film. You know those connections you find in life that just feel aligned, where everything flows like water? Working with her is like that – a gift. And there’ll be more to come soon.

      Scroll, soak in this oddly-warm-for-Michigan November afternoon, & enjoy!


      Christina Harrison is a Detroit-based photographer crafting timeless wedding and brand imagery in Michigan and beyond. Her work appears in some of the world’s top wedding publications, but more importantly, in the homes & lives of her delighted clients.

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