I park feet from the water where waves crash on rocks. Anne Malin has such a sweet energy about her, coming out to meet & asking if she can help with the bags. “We were just looking through old photos of the house!” she says. It’s been in her family for generations, and as we walk through the spacious front yard that overlooks Lake Michigan, I imagine the stories it must hold.

After a few photos there we head to Petoskey State Park. We walk winding paths, explore dark woods, and find our way out to the place where the light gets in. There’s something quiet about the dunes and the lakeshore; the waves distant, the soft padding of feet on sand, close. The wind is present, gentle. What a joy it was to witness the warm connection these two have, to take in a sunset together, to document it on film.


A photo of a woman with long blonde wavy hair holding a camera and wearing all black, Michigan film wedding photographer Christina Harrison