brand session


Laura is the owner & designer behind Paper & Honey®, a custom stationery & letterpress studio near Detroit, Michigan. It’s easy to tell she’s a ray of sunshine, but it wasn’t until we sat down at Starbucks to dig into her brand that I noticed her heart for her couples’ stories. She weaves their unique elements into deeply personal paper goods. Starting with a fresh canvas she tunes into what’s special, translates it into design, and creates an initial touchpoint for their celebration that doubles as a frame-worthy heirloom.

We wanted her imagery to showcase that onliness factor, so Laura created two suites based on stories that lived in her head. One inspired by a dark forest, the other a deep ocean. We captured her entire process – from moodboarding to production in her home studio (with her husband Max & their beloved antique letterpress) to completion.


"Investing in brand photography will remind you of why you're doing all of this in the first place. Why you started your company.

The ideas that keep you up at night. The people you'd love to serve. The work you long to bring to life. Seeing your brand through someone else's eye — and seeing YOU, by extension — is marvelous. Receiving my bespoke gallery felt like a shot of adrenaline. Moving forward, these images make me feel refreshed, empowered, and CAPABLE. What a gift. "