movement of an artist's blue pleated skirt is captured on film during her brand photoshoot in Detroit, Michigan



For Angela, Plume & Proper is about making her clients feel seen, celebrated, set apart. When you're around her, you can tell that comes as naturally as breathing. It's just who she is, from how she looks at you (notice that in her headshots?) to the gorgeous paper goods and calligraphy she creates. For photos that reflected the heart behind her brand, we went tactile, conceptual, celebratory.

Meaningful touches of heirloom jewelry, glimmers of gold ink, and varying light & dark tones convey the richness of Plume & Proper visually - a profound way to draw your target person close on any platform. Because when the essence of your brand is truly represented, you're empowered. And when you're doing what you're here to do? We're all better for it. The world needs your magic.

A photo of a woman with long blonde wavy hair holding a camera and wearing all black, Michigan film wedding photographer Christina Harrison