There's an endless magic to Vizcaya. A century-old Gilded Age treasure on the shores of Miami, its verdant gardens & European elegance are - for those drawn to history - a refreshing respite.

These images were shot on film through a vintage Canon 50mm lens. A hazy $10 relic of who knows when, spied ages ago on a shelf at my college campus thrift shop. Despite having outgrown it for pieces in better condition, I think it has a certain poetry.

In these photos you won't see "correctness," but a timeworn place through timeworn glass.

An ode to the passing of time, frozen on 35mm Portra400 through my beloved Canon a1.

There's a magic to things worn by time & the salt of the sea.

A photo of a woman with long blonde wavy hair holding a camera and wearing all black, Michigan film wedding photographer Christina Harrison